All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men (or women) to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

  • CoverSix Training Academy is the Worlds Premier Leader in Active Shooter Response Training. CoverSix Training Academy offers year round training in all 50 states by the most highly trained team. 


  • Specialized Threat Assessment Training or S.T.A.T. STAT, a subsidiary of CoverSix designed by hospital and law enforcement executives gives our customers a personalized threat assessment of their facility. Armed with this exclusive information CoverSix Training Academy can help you make your facility secure through professional training. This training is able to be customized to fit your specific facility's needs.


            Retreat     Evade    Defend 

       Offered exclusively by CoverSix Training Academy, RED is the Premier Training       curriculum designed to keep you safe during any emergency situation. 


                               Schedule your RED training today and stay alive!!

                                                       Survival of the Smartest !!!!!!